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C. Liu, H. Kang, R. H. Wightman, S. Jiang, Stereoselective synthesis of a novel Galf-disaccharide mimic:β-D-galactofuranosyl-(1-5)-β-D-galactofuranosyl motif of mycobacterial cell walls. Tetrahedron Lett., 2013, 54, 1192-1194.[Full text in PDF file, 272KB]

安迪,李洪玉,李金岭,姜申德, 阿比特龙醋酸酯的合成. 化学试剂, 2013, 35(2), 124-126, 169.[Full text in PDF file, 420KB]

H. Wang, X. Guo, S. Jiang, G. Tang, Automated synthesis of [18F] Florbetaben as Alzheimer's disease imaging agent based on a synthesis module system. Appl. Radiat. Isotopes, 2013, 71, 41-46.[Full text in PDF file, 203KB]

刘亚方,李洪玉,李金岭,姜申德, 瑞格拉非尼(Regorafenib)的合成. 精细化工中间体, 2012, 42(6), 31-34.[Full text in PDF file, 582KB]

刘亚方,李小刚,李洪玉,李金岭,姜申德, 索拉非尼的合成研究. 精细化工中间体, 2012, 42(5), 35-39, 47.[Full text in PDF file, 616KB]

张军辉,刘英华,李金岭,李洪玉,姜申德, 比沙可啶的合成工艺研究. 精细化工中间体, 2012, 42(2), 30-32.[Full text in PDF file, 194KB]

H. Geng, J. L-Y. Chen, D. P. Furkert, S. Jiang, M. A. Brimble, A Covergent Synthesis of the 2-Formylpyrrole Spiroketal Natural Product Acortatarin A. Synlett, 2012, 23, 855-858.[Full text in PDF file, 190KB]

刘春艳,姜申德,孟爱国,正电子发射断层显像剂[18 F]FET 前体药物的合成.合成化学, 2011, 19, 762-765.[Full text in PDF file, 209KB]

刘春艳,姜申德, 正电子发射显像剂O-(2-[18F]氟乙基)-L-酪氨酸的新型前体的合成. 应用化学, 2011, 28, 892-896.[Full text in PDF file, 385KB]

郭新艳,王红亮,金燕锋,刘英华,唐刚华,姜申德, 细胞凋亡显像剂[18F]FEDPA的合成和标记. 核化学与放射化学, 2011, 33, 245-251.[Full text in PDF file, 951KB]

要少波,蔡明德,卢小逸,姜申德,他达拉非合成研究进展. 精细与专用化学品, 2011, 19(10), 37-44.[Full text in PDF file, 2.40MB]

张军辉,杨光,段希焱,蔡明德,王诚,姜申德, 碘帕醇的合成工艺研究. 精细与专用化学品, 2011, 19(6), 26-29.[Full text in PDF file, 390KB]

X. Guo, Z. Peng, S. Jiang, and J. Shen, Convenient and scalable process for the proparation of indole via naney nickel-catalysed hydrogenation and ring closure. Synth. Commun., 2011,41, 2044-2052.[Full text in PDF file, 189KB]

郭翔海,康宏,郑岚曦,姜申德, 克力托辛(Clitocine)及其类似物的合成与生物活性. 有机化学, 2011, 31, 176-186.[Full text in PDF file, 684KB]

H. Wang, H. Shi, H. Yu, S. Jiang and G. Tang, Facile and rapid one-step radiosynthesis of [18F]BAY94-9172 with a new precursor. Nucl. Med. Biol., 2011,38, 121-127.[Full text in PDF file, 521KB]

要少波,蔡明德,卢小逸,姜申德, 他达那非合成研究. 精细化工中间体, 2010, 40, 39-42.[Full text in PDF file, 185KB]

许超, 高俊超, 张坚, 姜申德, 羟基酪醇合成工艺研究. 精细化工, 2010, 27, 1209-1212.[Full text in PDF file, 194KB]

郭新艳,姜申德, 番荔枝宁合成工艺. 精细化工, 2010, 27, 882-884.[Full text in PDF file, 205KB]

王红亮, 史慧贤, 姜申德, 羟基酪醇的研究进展. 化工进展, 2010, 29, 1133-1137.[Full text in PDF file, 962KB]

X. Guo, C. Liu, L. Zheng, S. Jiang and J. Shen, Novel Exocyclic Nucleoside Related to Clitocine: A Convergent Synthesis of 3′-Azido-2′, 3′-dideoxy Clitocine. Synlett, 2010, 1959-1962.[Full text in RAR file, 135KB]

刘春艳,姜申德,正电子发射断层显像剂[18F]FET 前体N-叔丁氧羰基-O-(2-三氟甲磺酰氧乙基)-L-酪氨酸甲酯/叔丁酯的合成. 中国科学:化学, 2010, 40, 189-194.[Full text in PDF file, 1.08MB]

C. Liu and S. Jiang, Preparation of two triflate precursors for O-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine used in positron emission tomography (PET), Sci. China Ser. B-Chem., 2009, 52, 2195-2199.[Full text in PDF file, 161KB]

C. Liu, J. Gao, G. Yang, R. H. Wightman and S. Jiang, Enantiospecific synthesis of (-)-Radicamine B. Lett. Org. Chem., 2007, 4, 556-558.[Full text in PDF file, 245KB]

王荣, 伍洲, 李彦生, 姜申德, 正电子发射断层显像中的氟-18标记药物. 化学(台北), 2006, 64, 195-216.[Full text in PDF file, 691KB]

L. McRobert, S. Jiang, A. Stead and G. A. McConkey, Plasmodium falciparum: Interaction of shikimate analogues with antimalarial drugs. Exp. Parasitol., 2005, 111, 178-181.[Full text in PDF file, 144KB]

Y. Li, M. G. B. Drew, E. V. Welchman, R. K. Shrivastave, S. Jiang, R. Valentine, and G. Singh, Syntheses of ethyl 3-deoxy-3,3-difluoro-D-arabino-heptulosonate and analogues. Tetrahedron, 2004, 60, 6523-6531.[Full text in PDF file, 332KB]

J. S. Clark, G. Whitlock, S. Jiang and N. Onyia, Stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydropyran-3-ones by rearrangement of oxonium ylides generated from metal carbenoids. Chem. Commun., 2003, 2578-2579. [Full text in PDF file, 104KB]

C. Song, S. Jiang and G. Singh, Facile syntheses of (6S)-6-fluoroshikimic acid and (6R)-6-hydroxyshikimic acid. Chem. Res. Chinese U., 2002, 18, 146-152. [Full text in PDF file, 940KB]

Another version of this paper (Chem. Res. Chinese U., 2002, 18, 146-152) was fraudulently submitted as a duplicate in 2003 to the Tetrahedron: Asymmetry [2003, 14, 2833-2838] by one of the co-authors, Prof. Gurdial Singh, who late became the subject of an investigation by the University of Sunderland (of which Prof. Gurdial Singh was then an employee) for misconduct in research, which was reported in the media by the journalist Phil Baty of the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES).

After the investigation by the University of Sunderland and the publication of Phil Baty's article in THES, the editor of the Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, Prof. S. G. Davies, was forced to issue a statement in his journal to formally retract this duplicate paper.

The retracted paper: Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2003, 14, 2833-2838. [Sciencedirect] [PDF file, 234KB]

The retraction statement by the Tetrahedron: Asymmetry editor, Prof. S. G. Davies: Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2005, 16, 2832. [Sciencedirect] [PDF file, 52KB]

Letter from Prof. Jeffrey R. Brown, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sunderland on the outcome of the investigation into Prof. Gurdial Singh's misconduct in research in relation to the duplicate publication: [PDF file, 599KB]

Article published in the Times Higher Education Supplement by Phil Baty: [THES, 25 May 2005] [PDF file, 1.46MB]

H. Vankayalapati, S. Jiang and G. Singh, Glycosylation based on glycosyl phosphates as glycosyl donors (Account). Synlett, 2002, 16-25. [Full text in PDF file, 647KB]

C. Song, S. Jiang and G. Singh, Syntheses of (-)-MK7607 and other carbasugars from (-)-shikimic acid. Synlett, 2001, 1983-1985. [Full Text in PDF file, 65KB]

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S. Jiang, G. Singh and A. S. Batsanov, Synthesis of a difluorinated carbasugar from D-ribose via intramolecular nitrone cycloaddition reaction. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2000, 11, 3873-3877. [Full Text in PDF file, 111KB]

X.-Z. Wang, Y.-L. Wu, S. Jiang and G. Singh, General and efficient syntheses of C18-4,8-sphingadienines via SN2'-type homoallylic coupling reactions mediated by thioether-stabilized copper reagents. J. Org. Chem., 2000, 65, 8146-8151. [Full Text in PDF file, 76KB]

S. Jiang, G. Singh, D. J. Boam and J. R. Coggins, Synthesis of 3-deoxy-3,3-difluoroshikimic acid and its 4-epimer from quinic acid. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 1999, 10, 4087-4090. [Full Text in PDF file, 88KB]

X.-Z. Wang, Y.-L. Wu, S. Jiang and G. Singh, Synthesis of (2S, 3R, 4E, 8E)-9-methyl-4,8-sphingadienine via a novel SN2' type reaction mediated by a thioether carbanion. Tetrahedron Lett., 1999, 40, 8911-8914. [Full Text in PDF file, 201KB]

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I. G. C. Coutts, S. Jiang, G. D. Khaandelwahl and M. L. Wood, Remarkable selectivity in the reaction of 1-trityl-2-lithioimidazoles with t-butyl halogenacetate. J. Heterocyclic Chem., 1994, 31, 857-860. [Full Text in PDF file, 539KB]